Turing Machine mk1


The original Turing Machine (originally called the Random Looping Sequencer) released in 2012 was replaced in 2016 with a wholly improved version with a length control and more reliable circuits.

The older version was v2.1.

Random Sequencer Documentation v2.1
Random sequencer v2.1 schematic
Gerber files v2.1
Eagle files v2.1
Random Sequencer Panels – pdf + illustrator
Random sequencer panels – pdf only

Random Sequencer Reading List This is a collection of web-sourced background material about the history of random voltage sources and shift register sequencers, including: pages from Allen Strange and Hal Chamberlin’s books, interview transcript with Don Buchla, documentation for modules from Grant Richter and Dieter Doepfer and an essay on process music by Steve Reich.