5 things to know about Twin Drive

4 HP | 25 mm deep | 40 mA
Designed 2022

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  1. There are at least four nice things about Twin Drive. It's easy to make, it sounds great, it looks cool and it's stereo.
  2. There's a famous trick on the MiniMoog where you patch the audio output back into the external audio input. It adds a load of warmth and saturation and gggrrrrrrr to the sound. Stereo Drive lets you do that on your modular, twice.
  3. The drive circuits are identical to the Mini Drive. You lose the two-in, two-out feedback flexibility, but gain a second channel, useful for processing stereo signals, stereo-izing mono signals (different distortion on left & right = stereo-ish sounds), or doubling up for drive-into-drive mayhem.
  4. DivKid's Distortion Masterclass is the best way to get to know the module.
  5. Even if you've never put together a DIY kit before, Twin Drive is a great way to start. Most of the components are tiny surface mount parts that are pre-soldered, so you only have to attach four sockets, one potentiometer, a power header and two incandescent bulbs. It's a quick but satisfying build that's ideal for beginners.

DivKid's brilliant Distortion Masterclass