6 things to know about Turing: Voltages

12 HP | 25mm deep | 40mA
Designed March 2013

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Github | Schematic

Available from Thonk

  1. This is an eight stage random looping sequencer with illuminated faders, controlled by the main Turing Machine. Unusually, any number of stages can be active at once, creating unpredictable results.
  2. It has two outputs, one normal – with a scale control that works in the same was as the similar control on the main module – and one inverted. The inverted output has a ‘shift’ control which raises (offsets) the voltage by up to 9 volts. This means you can drive positive-only modules (i.e. quantizers) with the inverted output.
  3. In some ways, this module has been replaced by the smaller Volts expander, but some people still enjoy it. It's bigger and more tactile, and the two outputs interact in interesting ways.
  4. Volts is a shrunken version of the original Voltages expander, and was designed in one day while on holiday in Cornwall.
  5. This module is compatible with all versions of the Turing Machine. With the older Mki Turing Machine the Backpack module is also required.
  6. Voltages is a very straightforward through-hole DIY build, that would be a good first DIY project. If you get stuck, the Voltages Github Issue List or the main Turing Machine issue list are probably the best places to start, although very few people have ever had difficulty with this module.

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