Music Thing Modular Axoloti Control Board

February 21, 2016

2016-02-21 16.36.50Axoloti is a very nice €65 audio board from Belgium, the closest thing I’ve yet seen to an Audio Arduino; lots of easy analog ins and outs for pots and switches, enough power to do interesting audio, and a nice visual patching system. A bit like a Nord Modular for 2016.

I’ve put together a simple control surface for my Axoloti; pots, buttons, LEDs and a joystick.

The BOM and PCB files (with a link to OSHPark to buy the PCBs direct) is here on Github: Axoloti Control Board.

It is all CC-BY-SA licensed so feel free to make and sell boards, so long as you credit me (Tom Whitwell / Music Thing Modular) and share any changes/improvements you make to the design.

Here’s a demo video showing a little Echophon/pitch shift patch – it can also happily play the .raw files from the Music Thing SD card.


2016-02-21 16.37.09



  1. Roger 4bit says:

    Is anyone interested in splitting a PCB order? It looks like the minimum is 3. I can place the initial order, but would like to sell the 2 extra boards.

  2. Nicolas says:

    I’m interested in splitting a PCB order! Shipping is to Belgium – home of the Axoloti 🙂

  3. Tony Marasco says:

    @Roger 4bit I’ll split an order with you! Send me and email with details/cost.

  4. Tony Marasco says:

    Tom, you mention the Music Thing SD Card: can this be found online anywhere?

  5. I’d be curious enough to buy a PCB ! Located in France.

  6. rené says:

    I’d like to get a board as well in case anyone has one too many. I am in Germany.

  7. Hi there, looks terrific.
    i too would be interested in splitting the order.

  8. Winston says:

    It looks like an Axoloti board might be able to do what I’ve wanted to do economically for years, have an inexpensive voice processor reproduce the Cylon/Colossus voice. Anyone know for sure?

    “I was in email communication with someone on the staff of Starlog Magazine who told me they interviewed Mr. Glen A. Larson and he told them he wanted to copy the voice of Colossus from “Colossus: The Forbin Project” and both a vocoder and ring-modulator were used for the effect. This was two years before Walter/Wendy Carlos and Bob Moog got together. So obviously it’s not the same vocoder as used for the Cylons, because this is before EMS started building theirs.”

  9. emde says:

    I am in for one board with shipping to Poland.

  10. I’d be happy to split an order. I reside in Sugar Land, TX USA. Let me know

  11. hi tom. great board. on github it says that the 2 x 2 pin Female Header should be ignored. why? couldn’t i just solder those in? what would happen if i would do this?
    thanks again for designing the board and making it open hardware. 🙂

    • Tom Whitwell says:

      Hi Constantin, You can’t solder them in because the board has soldermask over the pads on the top side, so it’s impossible to solder them in. I did this really as an experiment to see if I could make the board look more aesthetically pleasing (as it’s very visible). They’re really not necessary – the whole unit feels very secure.

  12. xav says:

    Does anyone have an idea if it still possible to add plugs for expression pedal or cv control, once this board is installed? I would like to use most of Axoloti connecton features.

    • Tom Whitwell says:

      Not sure – all the existing inputs and outputs are available, but it’s hard to access the pins for further expanders.

  13. Zenke says:

    I would be interested if anyone is spitting an order.

  14. Mike says:

    Hi Tom,

    Could you send me a copy of that patch from the YouTube video? I’m​ interested in streaming files (like the radio music) and manipulating them both within the axoloti, examining your patch would be helpful!


  15. Recently received and built the Music Thing and tried compiling the three examples on Github. The first and third examples built loaded and worked okay, but the second failed to build due to the following errors (extracted from the page of text generated at compile time:
    Object name delay/read_slow_S not found
    Error: object “digital_8” attribute “mode”, value “hi-z” unmatched
    ‘net54’ was not declared in this scope.

    Any idea why this example didn’t compile but the others do?